Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Skinny" Rings Give us Hand Fetishes

Skinny Rings

This blog is going to give you an up close and personal view of my hand. I hope no one out there has hand fetishes but if you do, then this blog’s for you!
On a serious note, this blog is about the most amazing rings we’ve ever found! We can’t keep them in the stores and for good reason. These gold filled and sterling silver rings come in a variety of colors and shapes. You’ll like them so much you won’t be able to buy just one.  Which is also a good thing because some are made for stacking. Let’s take a look!

From left to right...
The Baguette-$20
The Square-$22
The round- $20

This ring is my personal favorite (I bought the topaz one). These ones are made of 
Swarovski Crystals 

Round solitares-$22

These ones are made for stacking! 
From left to right
The braid-$16
The leaves-$16
The gold and silver bands-$16

These rings can be found at all four locations.

Stop in and get yours today! 

Thank you for shopping with us.

Happy Holidays!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Tour of the Kimono

 If anyone has been shopping recently you will notice a new trend gracing the stores. That is the trend of the kimono. Traditionally, the kimono has been known as a Japanese garment but not anymore!

Fun fact: The word kimono literally means “a thing to wear." Kimonos were developed in Japan during the Heian period. Making a kimono used a new technique known as the straight line cut method.  This technique involved cutting pieces of fabric in straight lines and sewing them together. With this technique kimono makers did not have to concern themselves with the shape of the wearers body.

Straight line cut kimonos offered many advantages. They were easy to fold, they were suitable for all weather and they could be worn in  layers to provide warmth in winter. Kimonos made of breathable fabric such as linen were comfortable in summer. These advantages helped kimonos become part of Japanese peoples everyday lives.

These things are all true of the updated kimono version we see in the U.S. today. One difference is we are seeing them with an updated American twist. Kimonos are a great piece to add to your collection. In AZ you can wear them year round. Rather it be treated as an accessory to throw on and update a simple outfit or to even wear as a cover-up for a swimsuit during resort season, the kimono has you covered (no pun intended)!

 In these next pictures, Taelor shows us how to wear kimonos for special occasions while she travels around the world!

First stop: Italy
 Here she is in Italy by the gondolas in a perfectly fitted floral kimono. Taelor says, “I am ready to row my boat gently down the stream and look great doing it.”


For our next stop in Italy, Taelor requested to look at some wall paintings. She wanted to wear something special when she toured art in Italy. She decide on this fringe kimono (which is our number one selling kimono) while she ooed and ahhed the artwork.

While looking at artwork Taelor shouted, “I’ am feeling “fringy” today!"
The wall art agreed.

Next stop: Africa
Taelor has a thing for elephants and really needed to see them so we took her to Africa. On this day she chose a maroon, lace ensemble to impress the elephants.

“I just love elephants!" Taelor exclaimed.

The elephant then said, "Well I love your kimono!" And nudged her with his trunk.  He then stated, "Look at the photobomb!" 
They both had a hearty chuckle.

Last stop: Chandler, AZ
Taelor decided she wanted to come back to the states so she could see some holiday decorations.

She decided on another fringe kimono but one that had more of a holiday flare.

While looking at decorations, Taelor got excited when she thought she saw a giant mistletoe. She immediately stood under it but there was no one there to giver her a smooch. So sad.

Last but not least Taelor really wanted to step it up with a holiday kimono for when she went to see the giant holiday reindeer bushes.

This reindeer bush loved Taelor's kimono so much he requested us to take a picture of them two together. 
Who are we to deny bushes their requests? 


That completes our tour of kimonos.

We carry all of these kimonos at Grand Central Clothing and Divaz Boutique! Come on in and let us help you pick the perfect one for the perfect occasion.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Rolling in HOT!

Statement Necklaces

What’s rolling in hot this holiday season? If you guessed Santa Claus on fire, or a hot potato, you are wrong.

The correct Answer is, drum roll please…….Statement Necklaces! Yes, that’s right! I know you’re thinking “wait, we’ve been seeing statement necklaces for a while now” and you would be correct. However, this time we are seeing a plethora of them coming in with a  “holiday flare.” We are seeing them shiny and sparkly now more than ever and we are seeing them mixed with both silver and gold.

At one time mixing silver and gold was considered a fashion faux paus but that is now a thing of the past!  Gold has been the primary metal of people’s choice for the past couple of years but we have slowly started to see silver making a comeback. These pieces mixed with silver and gold are slowly transitioning us from gold accessories to silver. Is silver going to be the primary metals of people’s choice? Most likely! For now have fun this holiday season mixing both!

These are just some of our favorites! If Santa sees you in these he just might catch on fire...we warned you.

My personal favorite- The Holiday Triple Threat- $35

The Holiday Jingle- $27

The Ice Princess- $29

The Diamond Gumdrop- $26

The Vixen- $41

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike

Brand Bio: 7 for all mankind

Everyone has heard the saying, “great minds think alike”. Usually you make reference to this while joking around with someone who was thinking the same thing, or when being funny and/or witty.
However, what I am about to share with you is no joke!

You might be asking yourself, "who are these 3 distinguished gentlemen? And why are they in a picture collage together? And why can't I stop staring at them......"

The answer may surprise you! You have just been introduced to “3 great minds that think alike.” These are the men who changed denim forever. These gentlemen are the creators/founders of 7 for all mankind. From left to right, Michael Glasser, Peter Koral and Jerome Dahan. We salute them and give thanks as they sure created a damn good pair of jeans!

P.S. If you can't stop staring at them you might just be a little bit creepy.

Fun Fact: 7 for all mankind is a fairly young company. It was established in 2000 in Los Angeles, CA. When they first started they partnered with Marc Jacobs for financial backing, and now 7 for all mankind is sold in over 80 countries including Canada, Europe and Japan!

At Grand Central Clothing and Divaz Boutique we are huge fans of 7 for all mankind denim. With the temperatures finally dropping, now is the perfect time to come in and purchase a pair! We have multiple pairs of this amazing fitting denim, and here are just a few:

The "Slim Illusion" skinny second skin legging jean in Black

The "Slim Illusion" mid rise second skin legging jean- $178
The "Slim Illusion" is a new design by 7 for all mankind. It is designed to make you feel one size smaller. The tighter fitting construction and stretch help create a sexy slim silhouette. 

 The Skinny- $159
The traditional skinny. These have a lot of stretch and are your perfect every day jean.
The Kimmie Bootcut w/ contoured waist- $169
For the girl who wants a pair of bootcut denim these are a no brainer. They have a contoured waist and are designed to make your butt look amazing too!

The fashion zipped skinny w/pleather- $235
These are the perfect jean for fashionistas who are tired with the same old jeans. They are denim on the front but pleather in the back. These are a proven head turner!

Stop on in to one of out 4 locations today and try on a pair! If you think they look great on you, then we think they look great on you, because great minds think alike! ;)

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The best part of waking up.....

Scarf Season

Fall is officially here! If anyone has social media they have been bombarded with this fact for a couple of weeks now. With all of our friend’s statuses about having their first pumpkin spice latte of the season, baking pumpkin muffins,  baking pumpkin bread, drinking pumpkin beer and wearing pumpkin underwear, we are very aware that it is, in fact, fall! We now wait for our trees to turn colors and leaves to fall to the ground…oh wait, except Arizona, we don’t have trees or seasons for that matter ;)

Now that it's fall and our temperatures are starting to drop, we start bringing out our fall wear. Boots we haven’t seen in a year, our favorite comfy sweater, that favorite pair of leggings... all start to make their way back into our closets. We start thinking of all the comfy cool weather outfits we can wear around the house. We envision it like we’re in a Foldger’s coffee commercial.

Scenario: It’ s a cool and crisp Saturday morning. You are wearing a cute yet comfy outfit. You walk into your bright and sunny living room and bounce onto your white couch. Looking out your perfectly clear window, you slowly sip a cup of coffee and then close your eyes and smile as the coffee steam streams upwards into your face (I always wonder what they think about during that part). You snuggle your neck into your scarf…

Did we say scarf? Yes we did! What better way to accessorize a fall outfit than with a scarf?! Scarves serve as a warm and cute accessory making them functional and fashionable. They can make an older outfit look brand new and dressier outfits look more chic. All of these are reasons that scarves are fall’s must have accessory.
This season, get creative with your scarves and tie them in different ways. The following are a few ways to do so.

The "Single Loop"

 The "Double Loop"

The "Strap Hang" (front)

 The "Strap Hang" (back)

 The "Kimono" (front)

 The "Kimono" (back)

The "Double Knot"

The "Single Knot"

The "Shoulder Duster"

The "Girly Windsor"

Stop into any Divaz Boutique/Grand Central Clothing and pick up your scarf today! 

Scarves $17-$39

The best part of waking up this fall season are scarves, not Foldgers in your cup 
(sorry Foldgers but we're not sorry!)

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Step into Fall with Steve Madden

Brand Biography: Steve Madden 

Who is this man you ask? And why is he around several amazing pairs of shoes? If you guessed Steve Madden himself then pat yourself on the back! You are a true fashionista!

Steve Madden is easily America’s most successful shoe designer. Considered the fashion footwear mogul of the 21st century, Madden has been responsible for the designing and marketing of the company’s trendsetting shows for the past two decades. His vision to give young, fashion forward men and women a unique way to express their individuality through style resulted in millions of customers worldwide and propelled his designs to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Fun Fact: In 1990, with a mere $1100 in his bank account, Madden started crafting shoe designs from his Queens based factory and the Steve Madden brand was born. With sheer guts, years of experience in the footwear industry and unique creative designs, Steve Madden formed his own successful enterprise.

Madden’s footwear vision is continuously evolving. Steve once said, “What inspires me is what I see people wearing on the streets of the world from New York to London and beyond. Today, fashion is dictated by individual style. To me, the fashion of the future is anything that a young guy or girl feels good wearing as long as it’s put together in the right way. Today, the Steve Madden brand represents a lifestyle. It is about embracing fashion while maintaining that funky independence that first defined the brand 20 years ago. Steve Madden is always looking toward the future!
Here at Grand Central and Divaz Boutique, we are huge fans of Steve Madden! The following boots are just a few boots you will find while shopping with us!  Stop in at any of our 4 locations to try a pair of these new styles on. Let us help you step into Fall!    

The "Lynet" $189

     Personally, my favorite boot so far this season. I love the intricate detailing of the back and the gold hardware all over. These is sure to be a best seller!

The "Albany" $189

Another great boot. All genuine leather makes this boot a must have this season. Steve paid close attention to detail on this one as the back heel even has gold detailing. The tiny side buckle puts a nice spin on previous years styles.

The "Marco" $149
Steve has done it again with this above the ankle boot. It's stud detailing and side buckles will be sure to turn some heads. Pair with skinny denim or tights and you've got a look that will literally rock some socks off.

 The "Troopa" $99

This nicely price pointed boot makes it a steal this fall season. This boot looks great with shorts, skirts and skinny denim. You don't have to be in the military to wear either, but if you do, we salute you!

The "Creation" $99

At $99 this over the knee boot was created just for you! Its simple yet sleek design really does let these boots walk all over you. Probably the most versatile boot this fall, Creation comes in brown or black.  They are sure to last you all season and won't cost you a fortune.

Hurry in! These boots won't last long!

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