Friday, November 29, 2013

Tour of the Kimono

 If anyone has been shopping recently you will notice a new trend gracing the stores. That is the trend of the kimono. Traditionally, the kimono has been known as a Japanese garment but not anymore!

Fun fact: The word kimono literally means “a thing to wear." Kimonos were developed in Japan during the Heian period. Making a kimono used a new technique known as the straight line cut method.  This technique involved cutting pieces of fabric in straight lines and sewing them together. With this technique kimono makers did not have to concern themselves with the shape of the wearers body.

Straight line cut kimonos offered many advantages. They were easy to fold, they were suitable for all weather and they could be worn in  layers to provide warmth in winter. Kimonos made of breathable fabric such as linen were comfortable in summer. These advantages helped kimonos become part of Japanese peoples everyday lives.

These things are all true of the updated kimono version we see in the U.S. today. One difference is we are seeing them with an updated American twist. Kimonos are a great piece to add to your collection. In AZ you can wear them year round. Rather it be treated as an accessory to throw on and update a simple outfit or to even wear as a cover-up for a swimsuit during resort season, the kimono has you covered (no pun intended)!

 In these next pictures, Taelor shows us how to wear kimonos for special occasions while she travels around the world!

First stop: Italy
 Here she is in Italy by the gondolas in a perfectly fitted floral kimono. Taelor says, “I am ready to row my boat gently down the stream and look great doing it.”


For our next stop in Italy, Taelor requested to look at some wall paintings. She wanted to wear something special when she toured art in Italy. She decide on this fringe kimono (which is our number one selling kimono) while she ooed and ahhed the artwork.

While looking at artwork Taelor shouted, “I’ am feeling “fringy” today!"
The wall art agreed.

Next stop: Africa
Taelor has a thing for elephants and really needed to see them so we took her to Africa. On this day she chose a maroon, lace ensemble to impress the elephants.

“I just love elephants!" Taelor exclaimed.

The elephant then said, "Well I love your kimono!" And nudged her with his trunk.  He then stated, "Look at the photobomb!" 
They both had a hearty chuckle.

Last stop: Chandler, AZ
Taelor decided she wanted to come back to the states so she could see some holiday decorations.

She decided on another fringe kimono but one that had more of a holiday flare.

While looking at decorations, Taelor got excited when she thought she saw a giant mistletoe. She immediately stood under it but there was no one there to giver her a smooch. So sad.

Last but not least Taelor really wanted to step it up with a holiday kimono for when she went to see the giant holiday reindeer bushes.

This reindeer bush loved Taelor's kimono so much he requested us to take a picture of them two together. 
Who are we to deny bushes their requests? 


That completes our tour of kimonos.

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