Monday, September 16, 2013

Step into Fall with Steve Madden

Brand Biography: Steve Madden 

Who is this man you ask? And why is he around several amazing pairs of shoes? If you guessed Steve Madden himself then pat yourself on the back! You are a true fashionista!

Steve Madden is easily America’s most successful shoe designer. Considered the fashion footwear mogul of the 21st century, Madden has been responsible for the designing and marketing of the company’s trendsetting shows for the past two decades. His vision to give young, fashion forward men and women a unique way to express their individuality through style resulted in millions of customers worldwide and propelled his designs to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Fun Fact: In 1990, with a mere $1100 in his bank account, Madden started crafting shoe designs from his Queens based factory and the Steve Madden brand was born. With sheer guts, years of experience in the footwear industry and unique creative designs, Steve Madden formed his own successful enterprise.

Madden’s footwear vision is continuously evolving. Steve once said, “What inspires me is what I see people wearing on the streets of the world from New York to London and beyond. Today, fashion is dictated by individual style. To me, the fashion of the future is anything that a young guy or girl feels good wearing as long as it’s put together in the right way. Today, the Steve Madden brand represents a lifestyle. It is about embracing fashion while maintaining that funky independence that first defined the brand 20 years ago. Steve Madden is always looking toward the future!
Here at Grand Central and Divaz Boutique, we are huge fans of Steve Madden! The following boots are just a few boots you will find while shopping with us!  Stop in at any of our 4 locations to try a pair of these new styles on. Let us help you step into Fall!    

The "Lynet" $189

     Personally, my favorite boot so far this season. I love the intricate detailing of the back and the gold hardware all over. These is sure to be a best seller!

The "Albany" $189

Another great boot. All genuine leather makes this boot a must have this season. Steve paid close attention to detail on this one as the back heel even has gold detailing. The tiny side buckle puts a nice spin on previous years styles.

The "Marco" $149
Steve has done it again with this above the ankle boot. It's stud detailing and side buckles will be sure to turn some heads. Pair with skinny denim or tights and you've got a look that will literally rock some socks off.

 The "Troopa" $99

This nicely price pointed boot makes it a steal this fall season. This boot looks great with shorts, skirts and skinny denim. You don't have to be in the military to wear either, but if you do, we salute you!

The "Creation" $99

At $99 this over the knee boot was created just for you! Its simple yet sleek design really does let these boots walk all over you. Probably the most versatile boot this fall, Creation comes in brown or black.  They are sure to last you all season and won't cost you a fortune.

Hurry in! These boots won't last long!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Grand Central Clothing/Divaz Boutique Spread the Love

S p r e a d i n g  t h e   L o v e !

Here at Grand Central Clothing and Divaz Boutique we aren’t just pretty faces with an excellent selection of clothing and great customer service.  Believe it or not, we have a soft spot as well! 
During our July retreat in Tucson, AZ we were presented with the idea of “Spread the Love”.  We not only thought this idea was marvelous, but was something to really take to the streets (literally.) It’s our way to give back to the community and say “thank you”. It’s also our hope to make someone’s day brighter and better!

Here we are at the retreat, spreading the love for the first time in Tucson, AZ.

What is “Spread the love”, you ask
“Spread the love” is quite simple. It is when an employee of one of our four stores goes out into the community with a fabulous item from the store and we give it to a random, lucky person strolling the surrounding area. You might say you were at the right place at the right time. ;)
Our reasoning: Because we can!
Our hope is that that one small random act of kindness can change someone’s day. That being said, we also hope it will have a domino effect on the community and everyone will be doing nice things for each other! How wonderful would that be?

So look for us every Tuesday! We will be wearing our pink shirts and holding our Spread the Love sign! You could be the next lucky one!
Week 1- On Mill Avenue in Tempe, AZ

Week 2- At Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, AZ
 Week 3- On University Blvd. in Tucson, AZ
Week 4- At the Casa Paloma Shopping Center in Chandler, AZ 
If you are picked, don’t forget to Spread the love to someone else!!! See you soon!!
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