Friday, November 15, 2013

Rolling in HOT!

Statement Necklaces

What’s rolling in hot this holiday season? If you guessed Santa Claus on fire, or a hot potato, you are wrong.

The correct Answer is, drum roll please…….Statement Necklaces! Yes, that’s right! I know you’re thinking “wait, we’ve been seeing statement necklaces for a while now” and you would be correct. However, this time we are seeing a plethora of them coming in with a  “holiday flare.” We are seeing them shiny and sparkly now more than ever and we are seeing them mixed with both silver and gold.

At one time mixing silver and gold was considered a fashion faux paus but that is now a thing of the past!  Gold has been the primary metal of people’s choice for the past couple of years but we have slowly started to see silver making a comeback. These pieces mixed with silver and gold are slowly transitioning us from gold accessories to silver. Is silver going to be the primary metals of people’s choice? Most likely! For now have fun this holiday season mixing both!

These are just some of our favorites! If Santa sees you in these he just might catch on fire...we warned you.

My personal favorite- The Holiday Triple Threat- $35

The Holiday Jingle- $27

The Ice Princess- $29

The Diamond Gumdrop- $26

The Vixen- $41

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