Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike

Brand Bio: 7 for all mankind

Everyone has heard the saying, “great minds think alike”. Usually you make reference to this while joking around with someone who was thinking the same thing, or when being funny and/or witty.
However, what I am about to share with you is no joke!

You might be asking yourself, "who are these 3 distinguished gentlemen? And why are they in a picture collage together? And why can't I stop staring at them......"

The answer may surprise you! You have just been introduced to “3 great minds that think alike.” These are the men who changed denim forever. These gentlemen are the creators/founders of 7 for all mankind. From left to right, Michael Glasser, Peter Koral and Jerome Dahan. We salute them and give thanks as they sure created a damn good pair of jeans!

P.S. If you can't stop staring at them you might just be a little bit creepy.

Fun Fact: 7 for all mankind is a fairly young company. It was established in 2000 in Los Angeles, CA. When they first started they partnered with Marc Jacobs for financial backing, and now 7 for all mankind is sold in over 80 countries including Canada, Europe and Japan!

At Grand Central Clothing and Divaz Boutique we are huge fans of 7 for all mankind denim. With the temperatures finally dropping, now is the perfect time to come in and purchase a pair! We have multiple pairs of this amazing fitting denim, and here are just a few:

The "Slim Illusion" skinny second skin legging jean in Black

The "Slim Illusion" mid rise second skin legging jean- $178
The "Slim Illusion" is a new design by 7 for all mankind. It is designed to make you feel one size smaller. The tighter fitting construction and stretch help create a sexy slim silhouette. 

 The Skinny- $159
The traditional skinny. These have a lot of stretch and are your perfect every day jean.
The Kimmie Bootcut w/ contoured waist- $169
For the girl who wants a pair of bootcut denim these are a no brainer. They have a contoured waist and are designed to make your butt look amazing too!

The fashion zipped skinny w/pleather- $235
These are the perfect jean for fashionistas who are tired with the same old jeans. They are denim on the front but pleather in the back. These are a proven head turner!

Stop on in to one of out 4 locations today and try on a pair! If you think they look great on you, then we think they look great on you, because great minds think alike! ;)

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