Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The best part of waking up.....

Scarf Season

Fall is officially here! If anyone has social media they have been bombarded with this fact for a couple of weeks now. With all of our friend’s statuses about having their first pumpkin spice latte of the season, baking pumpkin muffins,  baking pumpkin bread, drinking pumpkin beer and wearing pumpkin underwear, we are very aware that it is, in fact, fall! We now wait for our trees to turn colors and leaves to fall to the ground…oh wait, except Arizona, we don’t have trees or seasons for that matter ;)

Now that it's fall and our temperatures are starting to drop, we start bringing out our fall wear. Boots we haven’t seen in a year, our favorite comfy sweater, that favorite pair of leggings... all start to make their way back into our closets. We start thinking of all the comfy cool weather outfits we can wear around the house. We envision it like we’re in a Foldger’s coffee commercial.

Scenario: It’ s a cool and crisp Saturday morning. You are wearing a cute yet comfy outfit. You walk into your bright and sunny living room and bounce onto your white couch. Looking out your perfectly clear window, you slowly sip a cup of coffee and then close your eyes and smile as the coffee steam streams upwards into your face (I always wonder what they think about during that part). You snuggle your neck into your scarf…

Did we say scarf? Yes we did! What better way to accessorize a fall outfit than with a scarf?! Scarves serve as a warm and cute accessory making them functional and fashionable. They can make an older outfit look brand new and dressier outfits look more chic. All of these are reasons that scarves are fall’s must have accessory.
This season, get creative with your scarves and tie them in different ways. The following are a few ways to do so.

The "Single Loop"

 The "Double Loop"

The "Strap Hang" (front)

 The "Strap Hang" (back)

 The "Kimono" (front)

 The "Kimono" (back)

The "Double Knot"

The "Single Knot"

The "Shoulder Duster"

The "Girly Windsor"

Stop into any Divaz Boutique/Grand Central Clothing and pick up your scarf today! 

Scarves $17-$39

The best part of waking up this fall season are scarves, not Foldgers in your cup 
(sorry Foldgers but we're not sorry!)

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  1. Love an infinity scarf and the extra long length on this one is fabulous...very versatile! :)