Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Training in AZ

Helping you to not get a "Bronx Cheer"

March is a beautiful time of year, especially in AZ! Our gorgeous sunny and 75 degree weather makes any spring breaker want to spring to our state.  Along with the weather comes plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.  My personal favorite outdoor activity are the spring training games. Rather you like baseball or not a spring training game is something you must attend this month. With stadiums everywhere and a game everyday it is easy to get in several this season.  While you sit on the lawn drinking a cold beer and watching the players in those nice infamous baseball pants, be aware that someone may be checking you out and your outfit better be a “homer", pun intended. Here are some suggestions of cute and comfortable outfits to wear so you don’t “strike out” ;)

The "Chicago Cubs Fan"
Maxi Skirt $26
Tube top $12

The "Fly Ball"

Printed shorts $24
Crochet crop top $28
Sandals $35

The "Dinger"

Ruffle crop top $24
Seven for all mankind denim shorts $148
Flower necklace $29

The "Hot Corner"

Neon crop top $30
Necklace $29
Seven for all mankind denim shorts $148

Taylor, please stop touching the mannequins buttocks. 
We'll save that for the baseball players ;)

Stop in today at any of our 4 locations to get the looks you see here today!

Happy Spring Training!

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