Thursday, March 27, 2014

LA Market!

Why I Love my Job

Last week the bosses, Brittany, Courtney and myself headed to LA for market.  For those of you curious as to what market is and what we do there this blog is definitely worth a read! We work hard but always find time to have a little fun.

Our journey begins very early on a Sunday morning. We meet at the airport for our 7am flight and are all still sleeping a little. After we board the plan, we wait to be served complimentary drinks (non alcoholic of course) and peanuts. 

Once we land in LA, we hail a cab that will esquire us to the fashion district in downtown LA. Our particular cabby this time drove about 100 MPH the whole way and I definitely felt as we might die that day. Fortunately we didn't.

Once we've reached downtown LA and get dropped off by our suicidal cabby, we are officially ready to start our day! I love downtown LA. These are two buildings that we generally spend most of our time.

Once inside, we begin with our 9 am appointment. This day it happened to be at Hudson with our sales rep, Sasha. She begins to show us samples and we all take note.

Everyone is listening intently as to what Sasha is saying as we decide what to buy for each store.

Sometimes, we will have Brittany and Kristie try stuff on to see how it fits! Looking good Brittany!

Work it Kristie!

After the modeling, we select the items we want to buy and line them up accordingly. Then, we write the order.

Next, we go to another appointment in a different showroom. We are shown more samples and start the buying process over again. 

 Andrea listening and drinking a hot tea, as well as it looks like a few other beverages. We are big on hydration.

 Another showroom, trying on more items! Take it off!

Working hard?! Or hardly working?! ;) I love my job!

 I am a huge fan of all the displays that are in showrooms. This particular one was my favorite. It was all candy and we could eat it too. Heaven!

 More cool displays!

At our last appointment of the day, it is safe to say that we are all a little delirious. However, there is still work to be done! But when you walk into a showroom that has dinosaur displays, pugs and fun colors, let's just say it's not easy to be serious or stay focused.

This little guy was awesome!

Pugs not drugs!

 A fun pillow! I loved this showroom!
After getting all the fun stuff out of our system, it was time to buckle down and get serious and start writing orders for these magnificent items .

 Apparently, Andrea was having a little too much fun writing orders. Muahahahaha!

After our last appointment, its time for some fun! This particular trip we attended a Geek convention at the Icehouse. Let's just say we definitely raised some eyebrows while in attendance.

There was a comedian too that was pretty funny! Here is a groupie pic after the show, we are still laughing!

After a night out on the town, we resort to our hotel to get some sleep so we can do it all over again tomorrow. This trip we woke up to an earthquake! Kind of scary!

LA at night

This concludes our LA market buying trip. 

Now get into our stores and start buying up all the amazing product we have!!

See you shopping!

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