Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coca Cola to the Rescue

Summer wedding season is an exciting time. Rather you are going to a wedding, you are in the wedding party or you are the actual bride, you know you will have many events in which you need to attend. With rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and wedding ceremonies you will need many outfits. You'll also want to make sure you look sharp and ready for anything so preparing early is key.

Scenario: You are trying on outfits in your room for your best friend's rehearsal dinner. You quickly go to the kitchen to grab a snack and what happens?? You take a bite of pizza and spill some of the grease on yourself. Arrg! Or you go to the bathroom to dab a little makeup on yourself and foundation spills on you. I hate it when that happens!  Don’t fret though you have time to fix these mistakes because you are prepared!

Solution: We have the perfect solution for your tough greasy and impossible stains. 
Drum roll please........

Coca Cola!

You heard us correctly! Coca Cola can get out those annoying grease stains, ketchup stains and makeup stains!

It’s not rocket science and is easy to do.  Just pour a can of coke into your wash along with the usual detergent and run it through a normal cycle. The ingredients in coke help break up the stains and have your soiled clothes coming out sparkling clean! Also important to note, this process removes blood!

Still don't believe us that this sweet drink can get out stains?! The left side is a grease stain. The right is after we washed the top in Coca Cola! Voila!

With Coca Cola by your side, you’ll never have to worry about annoying stains again!

We think your friend will appreciate you not showing up to her rehearsal dinner with stains on your clothes too ;)

Happy Summer Wedding Season!

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