Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Wedding Season

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Love is in the air and the temperatures are starting to rise which can only mean one thing….summer wedding season is officially here! With summer's trendy colors being bright and bold thinking of wearing them to a wedding can be rather intimidating. Lets face it no one wants to take attention away from the bride. By incorporating these bold colors into lacy fabrics with intricate feminine detailing you’ve got a bright yet elegant and tasteful dress to wear. While everyone will be looking at the bride, we can’t guarantee that single groomsmen won’t be looking at you. ;)

Bold Magenta Dress from Do & Be

Elegant lacy back 

 Tasteful cutouts and detailing 

Don't forget the shoes! These Steve Madden peep toe pumps scream fun and are wedding ready! 
Also, dancing approvedfacebook.com/Grandcentralclothing!

Tips on what to wear and not to wear to a wedding (you can thank us later)!

1. Always cover your shoulders if you are going to be in a church.
2. Don't wear red to a wedding because it means you slept with the groom! Yikes
3. Don't wear white! Just don't do it! Pick a different color.
4. Don't wear black to a daytime wedding.
5. Don't wear anything torn, stained or too small for you.

Have fun this summer wedding season!

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