Thursday, January 23, 2014

What to wear to the Waste Management Open

Waste Management Open

It’s that time of year again in Arizona....The Waste Management Open (WMO).  For those of us unfamiliar with the event you might be asking yourself, what is the WMO?  Let’s just say the WMO is a golf tournament that has found a way to make golf a little bit cooler and a little more fun. Along with my opinion I will also give you these fun facts….

1.     The WMO is the most attended golf tournament in the world.
2.     It attracts over half a million people. Last year on just Saturday 179,000 people attended the tournament.

Sidenote: The WMO has become so popular that Tiger Woods opts out of playing because it has become “too much of a party.” I am guessing he is just upset because who are we kidding, no one actually watches golf. J

We are not watching golf because we are too busy enjoying the “winter” temperatures of 75 degrees and drinking cocktails with our friends. All while basking in the Arizona sun. That being said, the WMO is the place to be and be scene. Not surprisingly, fashion is at the center of attention.

What to wear you ask? If you are thinking of golf fashion then you might be thinking this vest would be expectable…….

You think to yourself, “ Dang, I look good. I can’t wait for everyone to check out my fly vest and tell me how great I look. Hey, is that a cute boy over there?”

If you find yourself alone and no one wants to talk to you and that cute boy never even glances in your direction, then you my friend have missed the WMO fashion train.

Some will be dressed in stereotypical golf attire such as this vest. However if golf attire isn’t your forte then we are here to give you some great options to be cute yet comfortable. Bright colors and smiles are the top trends we see this year!

Tribal Birdie Dress
Dress $42
Brewzzer boots $129

Perfect Form Dress
 Dress $40
Brewzzer boots $129

But seriously, check out that golf form! It's like Happy Gilmore in a dress. Go Kendra!

 Fun in the sun Romper
 Romper $40
Marlene Heels $99

It's a Great Day for Some Golf Dress
Dress $36
Clutch $32

Keeping it Casual Ruffle Maxi Dress
Dress $38
Necklace $28

Head to Toe Hole in One Outfit
Mint sweater $36
Crop and Roll 7 For All Mankind white denim $158

Statement Necklace $33

Tribal Flats $32

All of these beautiful outfits can be found at any Divaz Boutique or Grand Central Clothing! Come on in and let us find you your perfect WMO outfit! 

Don't get caught being this girl! No one wants to be her.

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